About galaxievintage

I started wearing and collecting vintage clothing in the mid-80s as a punk rock / goth kid of 14. When the movie "Pretty in Pink" came out, my friends started calling me Andie (after Molly Ringwald's character, who has the greatest thrift/DIY style ever!) I basically lived at Salvation Army, Goodwill, flea markets, or anywhere else great vintage clothing could be found. Back then it was cheap and plentiful, now not so much. 

I opened my first store, Galaxie Vintage, in Orlando in 1996, at the same time my friends and I were publishing our magazine called Bitch Rag. It all tied into the foggy haze of half-forgotten fun that was the 90s. After a few years I closed that store and went online, selling on that *other* well-known e-commerce site on and off since 1998.

I have since lived in New York City, then Germany, where I got my MBA in 2009. I started my etsy shop while I was still working full-time. When I ran out of storage space for these treasures in my apartment (and ran out of patience with my corporate job!), I opened a physical store in Hannover, Germany called galaxievintage, as a tribute to my first store in the 90s.  

Unfortunately that location proved to not be great for vintage clothing, so I closed that shop at the end of 2019 and went back to only selling online.  But life is strange, and when Covid upended the entire world, I ended up back in the US.  

Now I am in Concord, North Carolina (outside of Charlotte), I had a physical store here but closed it to pursue a career in commercial real estate.  Still selling online here, on etsy and on ebay, and at selected in-person locations and events.  Check this site for more information.

To my customers and vintage lovers around the world who have supported me - you make the "hunt" worthwhile! I think of you when I am dragging my huge heavy suitcase around a muddy field at a flea market at 5 AM.